Chatom United Methodist  was founded in 1918 and originally met in borrowed facilities.  Between the years of 1921 and 1925 the members of the congregation built our existing sanctuary.  The Fellowship Hall and Educational Buildings were added in the 1970's

Chatom UMC is a small congregation whose strength is a sense of "family" among those who attend.


The Town of Chatom was founded in 1904 at the intersection of Highway 56 and 17.  Being located in the center of the county, it became the county seat in 1907.  In 1949 the town became the largest municipality in Washington County. 

Today the town has a population of 1800 and is proud of its many accomplishments.

Chatom is the home to a modern Library, Hospital/Nursing Home, Community Center, Lake Ellis, and a beautiful 18-hole golf course.  We are also home to the Sartomer Corporation, the leader in chemical safety throughout the world.